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I will teach you how to rely on your own intuition using my charts and a pendulum. They will help you narrow down answers about your own health problems, conditions and lifestyle. YOU have all the answers already. You can fix your own health. Use these skills I teach you to aid you and gain information about own health, and for your doctor or a friend, or maybe you just need a second opinion or maybe you have been trying to get to the root of your health issues. You have been to many doctors or specialists and still are not getting results. Well it’s time to take your health and power back into your own hands again. So sign up for a class and learn how.

Book a group class in-person for me to teach your Business, School, Work, Health center, or other. Or look for a in -person class at a location I will be doing on a particular date under the events link or on Facebook, contact me at for details

Up to 20 people


20-60 people


60+ people